Nordic Music Video Awards 2016


We have been releasing this years shortlist in selections of 10 videos twice a week, and you can now check out our Tumblr page for the full list. We will very soon be ready with the nominations so check back shortly! It’s quite a selection we have for you this year.


First I would like to say we are amazed to see the incredible amount of talent and fantastic music videos that were made in 2015. It is truly an honour for us to be able to showcase this selection. This year we have added a new award to put focus on the younger generation of directors, and through this we have been able to lift up a few music videos that otherwise would have been pushed just below the cut.

Cosmopolite – Oslo, Norway – 21th May 2016


12:00-16:00 at 657, Fredensborgveien 24D in Oslo

Symposium for Nordic music videos is fuel for your creative spark and an opportunity to meet with others in the music video business. A daytime seminar which focus solely on music videos. Come join us for the biggest gathering of the Nordic music video business for artists, record labels, directors, managers, producers and film workers alike. And best of all, it´s free!

– Nominated directors and artists will showcase their work and take us behind the scenes of their creative process
– Record labels will discuss the future of music videos and how to create great music videos with limited resources and huge ambitions.

The Symposium for Nordic music videos is a place to meet, connect and start collaborations across the Nordic boarders.

More info to come shortly

Award Show

20:00-22:00 at Cosmopolite Scene, Vogtsgate 64 in Oslo

Nordic Music Video Awards is the only award show that focuses solely on music videos from the Nordic countries. The aim of NMVA is to display the best of what the Nordic music video scene has to offer and show the value of music videos as an independent art form.

NMVA 2016 will be the third edition of the expanding event, and is shaping up to be the best one yet.

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More info to come shortly

About Us

A brand new initiative started in 2014, celebrating the art of music video in the Nordic countries. The first NMVA award show held on May 31 2014 was a grand celebration at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. Over 500 submitted videos proved that the NMVA initiative was an immediate success within the film- and music industry across the Nordic countries. But hey, we’re talking about movies here, so for NMVA 2015 we moved the award show to an old cinema –  the landmark Soria Moria building in Oslo, now host to Cosmopolite Scene. With the first ever NMVA symposium preceding the award show, NMVA 2015 became a glorious all-day event, culminating in an award show packed with highlights.

Previous Winners

Look back at the previous winners of Nordic Music Video Awards


We would like to thank NFI & Tøyen Cola for the support:


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