Status: It’s Complicated…

Nordic Music Video Awards has in just 3 years become one of the most important events for the music video industry in the Nordics. We are incredibly proud of what it has become in such a short time. It feels incredible thinking of all the fantastic guests we have had, the music video’s that we have shown and awarded, and all the people we have met.

The feedback has been overwhelming, and people from all over the world have expressed their gratitude for the work we have put into this. This has all been the fuel of our continued work, and the reason we strived to keep building and improving it year by year.The second year we added a daytime symposium to work stronger towards one of our main targets, bringing the music video industry together. Connect these great artists across the Nordic borders, and show case the incredible talent we had discovered right on our very doorstep.

Sadly, positive feedback is not enough to keep going in the long run. We have been working pro bono from from the start, putting in our own money to get this train running. Although we saw a light in the end of the tunnel the second year, we lost the little funding we had on the third year and the numbers are not adding up. Three years has gone fast with a lot of fun, but also taken up a huge part of our life and personal savings.

We have finally decided that there will be no NMVA 2017, and we need to take a step back and see if we can turn this around for 2018. It’s been an amazing journey and we strongly hope it will continue on in some form in the future. We are always open for suggestions and questions so dont hesitate to contact us.

All the best, always!
Ola Martin, Lasse & Henrik
Nordic Music Video Awards

About Us

A brand new initiative started in 2014, celebrating the art of music video in the Nordic countries. The first NMVA award show held on May 31 2014 was a grand celebration at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. Over 500 submitted videos proved that the NMVA initiative was an immediate success within the film- and music industry across the Nordic countries. But hey, we’re talking about movies here, so for NMVA 2015 we moved the award show to an old cinema –  the landmark Soria Moria building in Oslo, now host to Cosmopolite Scene. With the first ever NMVA symposium preceding the award show, NMVA 2015 became a glorious all-day event, culminating in an award show packed with highlights. NMVA 2016 was another smashing highlight, and happy as we were with our new location we stayed at Cosmopolite another year. 2017 is closing in fast, and sadly we have to step back and re-think our business model. Hope to be back soon, and keep making fantastic music videos!

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