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Nordic Music Video Awards is the only award show that focuses solely on music videos from the Nordic countries. The aim of NMVA is to display the best of what the Nordic music video scene has to offer and show the value of music videos as an independent art form.

With minimum resources and lack of screening venues, the quality of music videos has never been better. Sadly, most music videos are only as popular as the bands and artists representing them, and success is measured by the number of views and not the artistic quality of the video. We feel that music videos deserve more than that.

The Nordic countries are flooded with creative bands and directors that continually find new broadcasting forums, new financial methods and come up with fantastic ideas that makes music videos an art form in its own right. The music video format refuses to die, and NMVA honours the innovative people hiding behind them.

NMVA 2016 will be the third edition of the expanding event, and is shaping up to be the best one yet. Are you with us?

The winners of the 3rd annual NMVA - 2023

Æ - Alle Gamla Drømmar Dø

The Nordic Music Video Award for Best Director goes to a video with a dark and highly captivating atmosphere. Brandishing a unique style and thought provoking vision, the director brings us intimately close to his characters’ lives and dreams. Playing with genres and symbolism, he never loses touch with his artistic concept, and manages to make this music video into a creative, visual work of film art.

Tove Styrke - Borderline

The Nordic Music Video Award for Best Cinematography goes to a video, which is a work of beauty, but not just for the sake of it. The camera work is done with subtlety, but with a sense for drama. Stark images and the contrast between the light and the dark, fire and water reflect the split personality of the lead character. A spectacular example of what happens when southern rhythms collide with Nordic landscapes.

Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Monument (The Inevitable End Version)

The Nordic Music Video Award for Best Edit goes to a very ambitious piece of work that manages to capture the immense energy of the performing artists. The pacing of the edit compliments the music exquisitely and the intense and intimate narrative brings the feeling of something epic having taken place and you wished you had been there to witness it.

Art Direction:
Timbuktu - Annie Leibowitz

The winner of this award is for work that played a crucial role in making a wonderful music video. With its faultless execution, an imaginative take on the image-obsessiveness of our modern world became a demonstration of how great art direction can bring a music video concept beautifully to life.

Post Production :
Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument

The Nordic Music Video Award for Best Post-Production goes to a video, which takes the viewer into unknown worlds. The pulsating beat of the song provides the heartbeat as well as the lungs for the video. The partnership between the music and the visuals is seamless and the world that they create will leave the audience with a sense of wonder, wanting for more.

Artist Performance:
Ylvis - I Will Never Be A Star

The performance of is perhaps the trickiest part of making a music video. It has to feel natural and effortless, which of course is the hardest pose of them all. The winner stood out with its unique blend of showmanship, grace, vulnerability and humour.

Nik & Jay - Novembervej

Secretive, touching, weepy, precise, monumental, unforgettable. The Nordic Music Video Award for Best performance goes straight into your heart. A simple grey story, becomes universal. His mesmerizing eyes brings you back to your childhood street.

Music Video Of The Year:
Röyksopp feat. Robyn - Monument (The Inevitable End Version)

A good music video aquaint us with its performers and captures some glimpses og their audiovisual universe. The winner does it with genuine confidence, contagious rhythmic feelings and an other-worldly catchyness. Not bad for a documentary-styled piece in black and white. It makes you wanna join the live audience.

GAFFA Audience Award:
Ylvis - Intolerant

The Award Show

A brand new initiative started in 2014, celebrating the art of music video in the Nordic countries. The first NMVA award show held on May 31 2014 was a grand celebration at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. Over 500 submitted videos proved that the NMVA initiative was an immediate success within the film- and music industry across the Nordic countries. But hey, we’re talking about movies here, so for NMVA 2015 we moved the award show to an old cinema –  the landmark Soria Moria building in Oslo, now host to Cosmopolite Scene. With the first ever NMVA symposium preceding the award show, NMVA 2015 became a glorious all-day event, culminating in an award show packed with highlights. Just check out the official NMVA 2015 aftermovie:


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